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NEW Cytokeratin PAN Plus Cocktail

Detection of cytokeratins with a broad spectrum (“pan“-) antibody allows for the staining of epithelial cells in normal and abnormal tissues. It is especially useful in characterisation of metastases with unknown origin as it distinguishes poorly differentiated
epithelial carcinomas from non-epithelial malignancies. The well established clone KL-1, which was an excellent tool for this differential diagnostic, is no longer available on the market.
Zytomed Systems developed a new cytokeratin cocktail comprising of the approved clones AE1, AE3 and 5D3. The antibody of clone AE1 detects the acidic cytokeratins 10, 15, 16 and 19. The antibody derived from clone AE3 detects all basic cytokeratins, i.e. CK1 to 8. Clone 5D3 detects cytokeratins 8 and 18. This unique combination makes Cytokeratin Pan Plus an excellent alternative to Pan Cytokeratin clone KL-1.

Cat. no. MSG098 Cytokeratin Pan Plus in RTU 6ml format (CE IVD)

Cat. no. MSK098-05 Cytokeratin Pan Plus in 0,5ml concentrate (CE IVD)

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