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The Easy® kits allow the qualitative detection of the main somatic mutations of the genes EGFR, KRAS, NRAS and BRAF by Real-Time PCR in association with a system of enrichment of the mutated allele.

Each kit includes all the reagents necessary for the test and the positive controls of reaction.

All the kits share the same thermal profile for the detection of the somatic mutations.

Kits are validated for the following instruments:


Rotor-Gene Q
Rotor-Gene 6000
Stratagene Mx3000P
Stratagene Mx3005P
ABI 7300
Biorad CFX 96




Easy® KRAS kat.č. RT001 (24 test, CE IVD)

Easy® BRAF kat.č. RT002 (24 test, CE IVD)

Easy® EGFR kat.č. RT003 (24 test, CE IVD)

Easy® NRAS kat.č. RT004 (24 test, CE IVD)

Easy® ALK kat.č. RT005 (24 test, CE IVD)

Easy® DPYD Kat. č. RT006 (24 test, CE IVD)

Easy® UGT1A1 Kat.č. RT007 (24 test, CE IVD)

Easy® THYROID Kat. č. RT008 (24 test, CE IVD)

Helix® Circulating Nucleid Acid Kat.č. H8040 (50 test, CE IVD)


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