GENLANTIS INC. – gene transfection specialist

Genlantis, a division of Gene Therapy Systems, Inc. is located in San Diego, California. Genlantis offers a comprehensive line of specialty products that include the GenePORTER® transfection products for gene delivery and plasmid DNA, GeneSilencer® reagent useful in the delivery of siRNA for gene suppression in mammalian cells, NeuroFECT™ reagent for optimized transfection of primary neurons, and NeuroPure™ primary neuronal cells. Patented Tap Express® and Xi-Clone™ Instant Enzymeless PCR Cloning technologies offer scientists the ability to design experiments involving hundreds or even thousands of proteins simultaneously at a very reasonable cost. They allow the rapid generation of proteins from complex infectious organisms such as malaria, tuberculosis, anthrax, smallpox virus, chlamydia, helicobacter, and many more.
Genlantis Inc.