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New MGMT RT-PCR kit for Easy PGX

We are pleased to inform you that Diatech Pharmacogenetics has enlarged the product line EasyPGX® with the EasyPGX® Ready MGMT cod. RT049

The "EasyPGX® ready MGMT" kit is an in vitro diagnostic test for the qualitative detection, by Real-Time PCR and subsequent melt analysis, of the methylation status of 12 CpG sites located in the promoter of the MGMT gene (hg19 chr10: 131,265,494-131,265,555) in genomic DNA isolated from formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tumor tissue.

Like all other products of the product line EasyPGX, this new product will simplify and shorten the current workflow in the laboratories.

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