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NTRK Fusion

EasyPGX® ready NTRK fusion kat.č. RT035 (48 test, CE IVD)


Main features

Detection of the main fusion variants of the NTRK1, NTRK2 and NTRK3 genes by one step Real Time PCR. Each mix allows the co-amplification of one or more  fusions plus an endogenous control gene.


  • Control assay: an expressed gene is amplified in the channel stably and independently from the original tumor tissue (Pan-cancer housekeeping gene) in order to verify the correct execution of the amplification process, the RNA quantity used and the possible presence of inhibitors that can cause false negative results;
  • Positive control: the test contains a mix of RNA-DNA synthetic sequences which correspond with the main fusions detected by the kit;
  • Negative control.

Starting material

RNA from fresh, frozen, formalin-fixed paraffinembedded (FFPE) tissues and cytological samples.

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